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Curtis PM Controller 1212p-2502

1212p-2501  1212p-2502  24v 70a 90a
  • 1212p-2502

  • curtis

  • 8537109090

Notice: For the buyer without CONTROLLER APPLYING EXPERIENCE, please consult your cart/motor dealer and read carefully the CURTIS
1212&1212P Controller Manual before making the purchase.
If you need to modify any controller parameter, please send us a message with the list of parameters to be modified (Click here to
download the parameter list of default setting of controller 1212P-2501 & 1212P-2502, PDF format).
In our database, we have saved 1212P-2501 controller programs for different pallet trucks and forklifts, EP / ZL, RUYI / XILIN,
VOLOX, Landpull / Zhongchuang, Noblelift, Cheuk's, MIMA, etc. If you are going to replace an old controller, you may send us a
message for telling the old controller's model. We may check our database for knowing if we have its program. For more details,
please contact us.
The 1212P-2501 is designed for use in low power DME applications such as micro-scooters, mini-scooters, foldable scooters, and
low-end personal mobility vehicles. Although it is optimized for use on modern 3-wheel and 4-wheel mobility aid scooters, its
programmable options also allow it to be used on any low power permanent magnet motor application.
The 1212P-2501 controller is fully programmable, via the CURTIS Model 1313-4331 Handheld Programmer or 1314 PC Programming Station
. This means the controllers can be tailored to the needs of specific applications. In addition to configuration flexibility, use
of the programmer offers diagnostic and test capability.
Key Features:
* CURTIS Model: 1212P-2501
* Norminal Battery Voltage (Volts): 24V
* 20 Second Current Rating (amps): 90
* 2 Minute Current Rating (amps): 50
* 1 Hour Current Rating (amps): 20
* Peak Boost Current (amps): 90
* Max Boost Current Duration: 10 Second
* Minimum motor resistance: 120 mΩ
* B+, B- logic pin current (max.): 9 A (pins 7 and 13 on 14-pin connector)
* KSI input current (typical): 80 mA
* Logic input current (typical): 1 mA
* Horn output current (max.): 15 mA
* BDI output voltage, resistance (max.): 0–5 V, 10 kΩ
* LED output current (max.): 15 mA
* Electromagnetic brake coil resistance (min.): 32 Ω
* PWM operating frequency: 15.6 kHz
* Electrical isolation to heatsink (min.): 500 VAC
* Heatsink overtemperature: linear cutback starts at 80°C; complete cutoff at 105°C
* Heatsink undertemperature: cutback starts at -10°C; and is reduced linearly to 50% at -25°
* Undervoltage cutoff: 14 V
* Overvoltage cutoff: 34 V
* Throttle Type: By default, the Throttle Type of controller 1212P-2501 is set as Type 7 (7 = single-ended; neutral when wiper ≤
  PotLow). The 1212P-2501 controller can accept inputs from both 5kΩ, 3-wire pot throttles and voltage throttles. Set the
  throttle type parameter to match the throttle used in your application. * 5kΩ, 3-wire pot throttles: * 0 = wigwag
      * 1 = inverted wigwag
      * 2 = single-ended; neutral when wiper at PotLow
      * 3 = inverted single-ended; neutral when wiper at PotHigh
      * 4 = unipolar
   * Voltage throttles
   * 5 = wigwag6 = inverted wigwag7 = single-ended; neutral when wiper ≤ PotLow8 = inverted single-ended voltage; neutral when
     wiper ≥ PotHigh9 = unipolar
* Dimensions: W72xL131xH39 mm
* Net Weight: 0.3 kg

  Certification pending
* Operating ambient temperature range: -25°C to 50°C
* Storage ambient temperature range: -40°C to 65°C
* Package environmental rating: ISTA 2A; electronics sealed to IPX5


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