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Hot Sale Curtis Ac Controller 1232e-2321

curtis ac controller 
24v 250a
for electric vehicles 
voltage :
current :
  • 1232e-2321

  • curtis

  • 2321

CURTIS AC Motor Controller 1232E-2321
Programmable, 24V / 250A, Forklift & Pallet Truck Driving Motor Controller
1232E AC controllers are used by many utility vehicle makers, mMIMA, hHELI, hHANGCHA, nNOBLELIFT, eEP, tTCM, lLIFTSTAR, xXILIN, hHYSTER,etc.
The Curtis model 1232E provides advanced control of AC induction motors performing on-vehicle traction drive or hydraulic pump duties and offers the highest levels of functional safety.
* PWM operating frequency: 15 kHz
* Electrical isolation to heatsink (min.): 500 VAC
* PWM operating frequency: 10 kHz
* Maximum encoder frequency: 15 kHz
* Maximum controller output frequency: 300 Hz
* Heatsink overtemperature cutoff: linear cutback starts at 85°C; complete cutoff at 95°C
* Heatsink undertemperature cutoff: complete cutoff at -40°C

The ‘E’ difference: a significant enhancement to the CURTIS AC family, The ‘E’ models utilize a powerful dual-microprocessor logic architecture to provide improved performance and surpass the requirements of the latest international functional safety standards.
CURTIS controllers 1232E provide advanced control of AC induction motors performing on-vehicle traction drive or hydraulic pump duties. They offer vehicle developers a highly cost-effective combination of power, performance and functionality. Designed primarily for use on small to medium material handling vehicles such as counterbalance or warehouse trucks. The Model 1232E is equally suitable for industrial utility vehicles.
It is supposed that the CURTIS AC Controller need to be programmed before applying to a specific application. For the buyer without AC MOTOR CONTROLLER PROGRAMMING EXPERIENCE, please consult your cart/motor dealer and read carefully the CURTIS 1232E AC Motor Controller Datasheet before making your purchase.
As a professional supplier, we possess OEM programs (controller settings) of certain utility vehicles and forklifts. Buyers may contact us and send us the vehicle (forklift) information (manufacturer, model, year of production, etc.), for knowing if we can provide the controller with its OEM program.
According to the vehicle type and buyer's requirement, we may reprogram the controller 1232E-2321 with CURTIS CURTIS Model 1313-4331 Handheld Programmer or CURTIS 1314 PC programming station. There is no extra cost for reprogramming the controller.
The Curtis Model 1232E is intended for use as the traction controller on class 3 material handling "walkies" and other small industrial trucks. It is equally suitable as the pump controller for auxiliary hydraulic functions on larger industrial vehicles. Example: controllers 1232E-2321 / 1232E-2121 are used as driving motor controller of Noblelift pallet truck PT20. For more controller setting details, click here to download the controller parameter list (PDF format), controller program for Noblelift

PT20. Attention, this controller program has steering function (working with an EPS controller 1220-2201). Some PT20 pallet trucks have not an EPS controller. The controller program is different for these trucks. For more details, please contact us.
Two 24V 1232E controller models are often used by forklift and pallet truck makers:
* 1232E-2121: 24V / 180A
* 1232E-2321: 24V / 250A; this model can also be used to replace a 1232E-2121

Product package options:
It is recommended that a CURTIS OEM level programmer should be equipped for applying the CURTIS AC controller in your project. We may provide the programming tools:
1. CURTIS handheld programmer 1313-4331
2. CURTIS PC station programmer 1314-4402
3. programming cable



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