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Curtis 906T

  • 906T


  • 9030339000


  • Manufacturer: CURTIS

  • Model: 906

  • Voltage Options (Volts):

    • 12V: 906T12HNDAO

    • 24V: 906T24HNDAO

    • 36V: 906T36HNDAO

    • 48V: 906T48HNDAO

  • Operating voltage: +/–25% of nominal voltage

  • Display: 10-digit, LED

  • Operating temperature: –40°C to +85°C

  • Storage temperature: –50°C to +90°C

  • Shock & Vibration: Meets SAE J 1378

Features include:

  • All principal circuits are integrated in a single chip for long-life reliability.

  • A 10-bar LED displays the state-of-charge successively, bar by bar, from full to empty.

  • At 70% depth of discharge, a flashing LED signals an “energy reserve” alert.

  • At 80%, alternately flashing LEDs provides an “empty” status warning.

  • Model 906 is compact and easily installed in panel cutouts as small as 36.8 X 24.1 mm, with as little as 35 mm behind panel clearance needed, see dimensions of various case styles.

  • Recognizes improperly charged battery.

  • Keyswitch activated LED display (state-of-charge is monitored as long as 906 is connected to battery).

  • Memory allows gauge to recall state-of-charge whenever battery is disconnected.

  • Three possible reset methods:

    • Open Circuit Reset (OCR): Upon reconnection of a battery the gauge will reset if it measures 2.09 volts/ cell or higher (example “B” profile) (for units with memory option).

    • High Voltage Reset (HVR): Gauge must measure >2.35 volts per cell for 6 continuous minutes during charging (example “B” profile).

    • Charge Tracking Reset (CTR): Display tracks charge level during opportunity charging (requires gauge to be connected to battery when charging).


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