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voltage :
current :
Protection level:
  • HXDC-D7212

  • Lingti

  • 8504409999

Product Introduction:

This product is used for DC voltage conversion equipment, suitable for various DC power applications and occasions where voltage conversion is required, especially for various electric vehicles, such as electric forklifts, golf carts, touring cars, etc., and can also be applied to solar energy/ Voltage conversion of DC power sources such as wind energy. The volume, weight, energy consumption, efficiency, performance and stability of this model of DCDC converter are superior to other similar products. The wide input voltage range of 48-72V can meet different voltage levels of electric vehicles.

  • High inverter frequency, fast response speed, small size, light weight, material saving and energy saving;

  • Synchronous rectification, conversion efficiency ≥93%, better than other similar application products;

  • This product has over-current protection, short-circuit protection and other circuits;

  • Wide range of resistance to input voltage fluctuation, strong ability and high control accuracy;

  • Strong adaptability to low temperature, high temperature, humidity, acid rot, dust and vibration environment, stable and reliable work;

The special aluminum profile box is conducive to heat dissipation, small in size and easy to install.

Port definition:

Port # Color Function
1 Yellow Input+
2 Orange Control Line
3 Red Output+
4 Black Input and output common ground



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